In Love and Warcraft – Character Descriptions

Here are some brief character descriptions for In Love and Warcraft by Madhuri Shekar. Please have a read, and see if there’s one you think you’re perfect for! Evie – (playing age early 20s) Protagonist, college senior, and a bit of a geek. Helps others with their relationships, but hasn’t quite figured out how to have one herself. Loves World of… Read more →

From Lindsay…

It’s a cold November night. The wind (OK… cars) are whistling by outside as the rain hits the window pane. I’m tucked up under a duvet watching old episodes of Most Haunted… Why? Apart from not being the worst way to while away a Monday evening, I’m doing my research and learning the ropes of the psychic world from the… Read more →

From Dave…

John Barrymore – Actor, Legend, Seducer… Corpse. One of my favourite lines from this fantastic play and also a line that hints at the tragedy of this great man. This is my first time acting (well, apart from my legendary Scrooge in Waid Academy’s Christmas Carol circa 1996) and what I’m finding fascinating about the rehearsal process is the character… Read more →

From Sarah…

Hello! I’m Sarah and I’ll be playing the part of Deirdre in I Hate Hamlet. If you haven’t read the play by Paul Rudnick, I highly recommend you do, especially if you like running jokes about hair pins and really bad (and good!) Shakespearean acting. *Added bonus, this is one of the very few plays (that I’m aware of) to have… Read more →

First Rehearsals

After a fruitful and fun set of auditions, our show is cast and we have started rehearsals. It’s been really fun to get to know each other, and to see the play start to come alive. Over the past week we have done some character work, and they are starting to feel more well rounded. Now, I’m looking forward to… Read more →

Here we go!

So today, we officially launch Beam Theatre into the world with our first play I Hate Hamlet. Welcome to our blog site – here’s where you’ll be able to follow along with the process of taking a play from the page to the stage. Thanks for coming to visit, and come back soon! We’ll update regularly. Thanks, Andra (Director) Read more →


Thanks for coming to visit us here at Beam Theatre. We are excited to announce that our inagural show will be I Hate Hamlet by Paul Rudnick. It’s a fantastic comedy, will be performed February 5th to 7th 2015. We hope you want to know more, or even want to come audition! For more information about our first show, head over… Read more →