A Few Good Men: Cast

Here’s the cast list for our production of A Few Good Men by Aaron Sorkin:

Harold Dawson: Stewart Kerr

Louden Downey: Adrian MacDonald

Matthew Markinson: David Grimes

William Santiago: James Scott

Nathan Jessep: Ian Fallon

Jonathan Kendrick: Steven Croall

Sam Weinberg: John Campbell

Daniel Kaffee: Michael Davies

Joanne Galloway: Abbye Eva

Isaac Whitaker: Steve Griffin

Jack Ross: Larry Weil

Jeffrey Howard: Dale McQueen

Julius Randolph: Gregor Haddow

Walter Stone: David Doherty

Tom and others: Thomas Jaffray

Orderly and others: T-J Connell


A huge thank you to everybody that came to audition. We were blown away by all the talent we got to see and hope there’ll be time to work with you all in this and other shows!

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