In Love and Warcraft – Character Descriptions

Here are some brief character descriptions for In Love and Warcraft by Madhuri Shekar. Please have a read, and see if there’s one you think you’re perfect for!

Evie – (playing age early 20s) Protagonist, college senior, and a bit of a geek. Helps others with their relationships, but hasn’t quite figured out how to have one herself. Loves World of Warcraft.

Ryan – (playing age early to mid 20s) Fellow World of Warcraft Guild member. Evie’s kind-of (virtual) boyfriend who doesn’t understand why that’s not enough.

Kitty – (playing age early 20s) Evie’s roommate and best friend. Enjoys dating and sex, and is trying to convince Evie to give them a try. Not a World of Warcraft player.

Raul – (playing age early to mid 20s) The love interest. Falls for Evie, but struggles to come to grips with her inexperience and love of Warcraft.

We also need two very versatile performers (one man and one woman – playing age early to mid 20s) to play a variety of smaller characters that appear throughout the show. This will be a great challenge for performers who love to create new and different characters.


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