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Hello! I’m Sarah and I’ll be playing the part of Deirdre in I Hate Hamlet. If you haven’t read the play by Paul Rudnick, I highly recommend you do, especially if you like running jokes about hair pins and really bad (and good!) Shakespearean acting.

*Added bonus, this is one of the very few plays (that I’m aware of) to have an equal number of male to female characters. Gender equality in theatre points right there.*

I’m hugely excited to be involved in this piece; the character of Deirdre is something completely new to me, with my previous roles being very, very far away from the world of a 29 year old virgin girlfriend with a Shakespeare obsession.

We’re still early on in rehearsal stages but already the play is pulling a great shape. Andra – our director – is very great at allowing us to experiment with our characters and giving us the freedom to play, which I know has been pivotal in my own character development.

The rehearsal process has been so relaxed, which I find makes everyone work better together and we move forward much faster.

One rehearsal we spent some time asking ourselves and each other questions about our characters, which was a great way for us to build our character’s backgrounds. We decided how Deirdre and Andrew met, why Lillian became an agent, and if Felicia finding that apartment for Andrew really was a coincidence…

All in all it’s been great fun so far, and I’ve never laughed so much in a rehearsal room, so I can’t wait to share this all with you come February.

Until next time!

Sarah (Deirdre)

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